Snow for Thanksgiving

Hello Mo fans!

snow camouflage

We had a nice dusting of snow for Thanksgiving, so pretty watching it fall and transform the landscape.  This was likely the first time Miss Nimbus had seen snow, and I saw her shaking her paws.  With her white coat it turned her into the camouflage kitty.

After a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with family, I was home on the sofa watching TV with a furry fake leopard throw blanket on my lap.  Mo came by to purr and be petted on the lap.  Soon it was the turn for Nims, who was being extra affectionate.  After walking along the back of the sofa purring and rubbing up against my head, she settled in for some lap time herself.  Hah, Mr Mo, who is now on the floor, gets jealous and stands up on his back legs to swat her twice, trying to shoo her away.  I made him desist, but he came back a little later, noting my now reclining pose, he took the shoulder spot, and there I was, with a blanket and two cats keeping me toasty.  A festival of felines, a pile of purrieness.  Snow always makes me thankful to be warm.

snow falling softly

Spiral peyote choker

Spiral peyote choker

Today’s necklace features an Aura Sun Arts lampworked bead with blues and traces of gold.

The necklace is 16.5 inches long, and is strung on stainless steel beading wire, with a tube of spiral peyote stitch seed beads embellishing each side.  The seed bead work is done with a tiny needle and upholstery thread.  Click on the image for a larger view.

Weaving the beads and thread is somewhat like making running bond brickwork.  You will have a string of beads with alternating beads standing taller, and you add the next bead between two tall neighbors.  I have used seed beads of three different sizes here, which makes the pattern more free form.

The Wikipedia article on brickwork has some interesting terminology for bricks, like soldier, sailor, shiner and stretcher; all names for how the bricks are placed in the wall.

The bead weaving is a slow process which makes this style more expensive, resulting in a price range of $90.00 to $120.00 for this one or similar necklaces.

Mo likes Movember

Hello Mo fans!

Movember is here!  No it’s not a typo, Mo is saluting Movember Australia, a group that promotes November as a month for awareness of men’s cancer issues, similar to October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Mo is Australian slang for a moustache, and to support the cause men grow a mo for the month, or if they normally wear one they shave it and regrow it that month.  It makes for many a conversation starter on an important topic.

Please pass this on, and grow a mo if you can!  Check out their website for info on becoming a Mo Bro or Mo Sista, and look for Mo Merchandise too.

Now my little Mo is named for the natural Mohawk hairdo he sports, but he still supports the Mo Bros.  He also has extra long hair all along the length of his spine, only visible if truly alarmed.

Mo's tiny Mohawk hairdo