Christmas 2010

Are you having a White Christmas in your neck of the woods?

Snowfall at the homestead

This snow fell in Seattle back around Thanksgiving, and the snowflakes caught in the light of the flash inspired me to make a black and white necklace.

The two smaller beads on the table will be earrings to match.  The three hand made beads are black and white with traces of gold and blue sparkles.  The necklace is 17 inches long.  Click on the image for a closer view.

Wishing all a tranquil season of peace on earth.

Classic black and white, earrings to follow

Mo’s anniversary

Mr Mo came home with me just before Christmas, December 18th, 2004.

Mo as a kitten. He was a feisty little guy, unafraid of the bigger cats where he grew up.

He had a grayish body with faint tiger stripes, and darker black “points” or extremities; his tail, legs, and head.  His sister Stella was more flashy, with the polka dot tummy and bolder tabby stripes, but Mo was the kitten for me.

getting into mischief

Here is another shot that shows how silver his coat appeared.  Before long he got his longer black outer coat in and the gray undercoat was hidden.  Now if he is out in strong sunlight you can sometimes still see the hidden tabby stripes.  He has a stripe of longer fur along his back and tail, and of course on his head as his mini-mohawk.  On the rare occasions when he is alarmed and puts his hair up you can see this.  Reminds me of a fish raising it’s dorsal fin so it appears too big to swallow.

I was re-painting the living room shortly after he arrived, and he delighted in tunneling under the clear plastic drop cloths, and playing fetch; chasing small balls, returning them to me to be thrown again.

He has been a great buddy, very affectionate and entertaining, that’s my Mo.

Festive beads

Festive set

Today’s featured beads are on the festive side.

The three large encased glass cylinder beads were hand made at Aura Sun Arts as a matched set; they have air bubbles, traces of gold and bright splashes of colors inside.  The largest measures 16 x 14 mm and is strung on an 18 inch necklace with a double strand of accent and seed beads in the same colors.

The matching earring beads measure 14 x 11 mm and dangle on shepherd hooks.  Click on the image for a closer view.

This morning’s broadcast of Sunday Morning on CBS featured a segment on “Beads of Courage” an organization that donates beads to children with serious illnesses.  They accept donated beads and have a page that details what beads they especially need.  I look forward to creating some special beads for them.  Either link will get you to the video of the segment that was aired this morning.

For the children involved, having a necklace that details their treatment milestones is a tangible way to be proud of their courage.