Mr Coon Cat stops by

Big handsome gray cat

This giant gray cat stops by from time to time, another regular in the neighborhood.  He is as big as a raccoon, and the same color, so it would be quite hard to tell them apart in the dark.

My cats like to watch the action from the window, and I call them over if I spot a cat or squirrel they would like to see.  No deer in the backyard here, but moles and raccoons are around, and the odd possum.

It is possible that this visitor is a Maine Coon cat, the oldest native cat breed in America.  Wikipedia has a nice article about the history and origins of the breed.  I will have to observe closely to see if those big paws have the polydactyl extra toes the breed sometimes exhibits.

Blue with hints of spring green

Seafoam blues with hints of green

The Vernal Equinox arrives, and today’s creation features three Aura Sun Arts beads strung with a range of blues and hints of green.

The handmade beads feature my favorite blue and gold glimmers, and tiny air bubbles encased in clear glass.  I add the air bubbles by making a mesh of glass strings and encasing over that.  Many glass artists view air bubbles as mistakes, but I find them to be really fun.  When you spin the bead the bubbles look like tiny planets in orbit.

Click on the photo for a closer look.  This one is 24 inches and needs no clasp.  It has already gone to a good home, but a similar creation might cost $95.00.