the highrise cat station

Hello Mo fans!

Mo and Nims are doing well, they have slimmed down a bit.  Miss Nimbus got outside one day when I was mowing the lawn.  I saw her doing her business over by the brush pile, digging a little hole and burying the results.  Here comes Mo to inspect her work, he scrapes a bit more dirt on top to help out.  I had to stop and watch this and laugh.  He sometimes does additional work in the indoor litter box as well.

Miss Nims has found a way to climb up on the wicker shelves in the kitchen.  She loved climbing up here in the last kitchen we lived in, and has trained me to come over and pet her when she is up there.

the highrise petting station

She climbs up, flops on her side, gives me the look, the one that says “Here I am, come and pet me!”  I come tickle her feet through the wicker and pet her, releasing clouds of white cat hair that shower down over the contents of the shelves.  Life is messy!

Spring is in full bloom here; cherry trees, wallflowers, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and trillium.


Soon it will be warm enough to try making some glass beads.  The Glass Art Society will be holding a conference here in Seattle in early June.

Something old, something new

This week we have one older bracelet and a new pair of earrings.

Something old, something new

The bracelet is an Aura Sun Arts original from some years back; it features glass seed beads, freshwater pearls, and larger glass, quartz and amethyst beads dangling in a cascade across the top that move as the wearer does.

The earrings are my handmade glass beads with metallic accent beads, and the raindrop beads that are also shown loose.  Click on either image for a closer view.

Something old and something new, and a salute to the upcoming Royal Wedding that is filling the news.  Here my teacup had foam that took the shape of a portrait of Kate Middleton!  I won’t be auctioning it off like the jelly bean story on the BBC.

teacup Kate with fancy hat

On a more serious note, this event will have an audience in the millions.

Princess Diana’s funeral had an estimated viewership of 33 million, and if half of them recited the Lord’s Prayer when it was spoken during that service, that (due to the technology of the global simulcast) was the largest unison prayer in the history of our planet.   Maybe that prayer will be a part of the wedding service?  Wishing the couple every happiness and a day of global harmony.

Mr Mo goes on a diet

It has been a long winter, and a few of the cats around here are getting a little plump.  Mo is getting positively portly!  At 12 pounds, for his small frame, he is a couple pounds overweight, which for a human would be the equivalent of 20 pounds.

happy cats hanging out

Of course it is their owner who has been too willing to comply with their requests for more food who is to blame.  Mr Mo specializes in the ankle dance; Miss Nimbus is the one who is very loud and vocal.  But when she also stands up on her hind feet and waves a front paw in the air, alas the cuteness is too hard to resist.

I saw a story on Sunday Morning about people who walk their cats like dogs.  Could this be the way to encourage Mo to lose a little weight, and a way to have Miss Nimbus be outdoors without hunting birds?

One cat was shown wearing a cloth harness called the Kitty Holster, this looks much harder to wriggle out of, it makes me wonder if they come in white?  Time to go feed said cats.

Boxwood lion carving

Carved wooden lion bead, with wooden knot bead at neck

This week we have a special carved boxwood bead in the form of a guardian lion, sometimes also called a Fu Dog.

It has a sweet face with beady black eyes and an open mouth, looking up at the wearer.  The back of the bead has the signature of the artist.  It was purchased some years back at a fine bead shop called Hands of the Hills on Mercer Island, WA, that has unfortunately since become wholesale only.

Another carved wooden bead sits at the back of the neck.  Click on the image for a closer view.  The necklace stringing is a subtle gradient of browns; incorporating seed beads with a sprinkling of larger beads.  It is 24 inches long with a three inch tassel.

This one is promised to a good home but a similar piece would run $125.00.