spring beauties

Hello Mo fans!

The cats are enjoying a beautiful spring in Seattle, all the flowers and warm weather are a treat.  Even Miss Nimbus has been allowed outside during daylight hours a few times.  Here she is in the early morning light, waiting on the windowsill to come in for breakfast.

Miss Nimbus at dawn








Mr Mo is out surveying his domain from the old apple tree, now laying down on it’s side.  The perch is not quite so fancy now.

Mo's apple perch now sideways








But the old apple tree had more to say, one last branch burst into bloom, the sweet and delicate fragrance of the pink and white blossoms as a parting farewell.

Gravenstein apple blossoms








And today we include a bit more beauty;  some guest art for Mother’s Day, a painting my mom did of Tucquala Lake north of Roslyn WA.

Tucquala Lake