Playing with fire

Bead making season is underway at last.  The optimum temperature range for  lamp working glass is between 65 and 80 degrees F, below that range and the glass is too chilled to melt properly, and above that range the artist tends to melt.

Spring and warmer weather arrived long ago but playing in the garden won out, the lawn needed mowing and the vegetable garden had to be planted.  Now with summer here I can finally make time for playing with fire.

Below are a few photos of bead making in progress:  you wrap an initial core of glass onto the steel rod and marver that into a cylinder, then add additional colors on top.  Here I am using a technique to capture a small bubble of air by making a dent in the glass with a sharp steel tool, and then covering the dent with clear glass.

Seattle has a new glass museum, the Chihuly Glasshouse and garden will be an inspiring place to visit.

adding molten glass to the bead

poking dents into the glass

cooling the bead away from the flame


Farm pets

What fun to visit my friend’s farm and see many dear animals.  The farm dogs enjoy going for a ride around the property and are nice protection to have along.  The older or sick cats get the special treat of being allowed in the house, and the delight of catching a snooze by a sunny window.  One convalescent cat, Mr StarDusty, might be pictured in the future.

Here is Zoe all ready for a ride, practically sitting in the driver’s seat!




Buddy Turbo inspects the terrain for ground squirrels and deer.



Misty gets all cozy on a pillow in a sunny window.