Denim recycled

For the colder winter months, when making beads is not an option, there are plenty of other creative outlets.  This latest project converts the pant leg from a pair of jeans into a small purse.  I have attached pockets on the front and the back and another set of pockets inside.

It was a bit tricky getting the sewing machine to reach down inside a tube, ie the existing pant leg, and the bottom of the bag had to be finished by hand.  The beginnings of embellishment include antique kimono fabrics and it will have more quilting and satin stitching, and no doubt some handmade beads as well.  A large handmade glass bead will be the button to close the bag; it will look nice dangling off the front flap.  The strap is made from the seam running up the side of the pant leg; certainly sturdy and already securely attached to the bag.  It has a bit of fringe, which ought to fray in an interesting way.

front view of denim purse

The front pocket from the jeans hides under the front flap, which can be tucked into the bag.  I like the rivets and the wear patterns and fading.

The back has the roomy back pocket and even the bottom of the bag gets some decoration.  It was definitely a fun way to recycle an old favorite pair of Calvin Klein jeans into a new use!

Click on any of the photos for a closer view.

back double pocket and bottom detail

triple front pockets with that cute coin pocket