Denim upcycled, round two

Here is the other pant leg from the same pair of jeans made into the second denim purse.  I had used one front pocket and both back pockets on the first purse.  On this one, the other front pocket was attached to the back; it creates a roomy double pocket big enough for a large smart phone.  Inside there is a smaller phone pocket made from the back waistband of the jeans.

More of the back waistband that had the leather patch was turned into a tiny pocket, and the fly made a small zipper pocket.  Those two small pockets are on the front.  The front flap will have applique and embroidery to depict a maple and pine.

These two bags used about every scrap from that pair of jeans.  I used a double patch of fabric to create the bottoms of the bags from fabric on the upper thigh.  There is a very small amount of denim left over.   The strap has some extra fabric to create a fringe area as it frays over time.

For a favorite old pair of jeans that is too worn out it is a great way to remember them and keep them around for a second life.  All the tags on the jeans and the decorations on the pockets are all still there.

Second life for the second pant leg

Front pocket on the back

Bottom detail and mini pockets

Denim bag #2, front flap