Here are an assortment of handmade lampworked glass beads in a variety of color and sizes.

pairs and suites - click for full view

I often make groups of beads in the same color family, and sometimes make two beads on the same rod at the same time to get a matched pair for earrings.  Smaller pairs are on their own earring page.  Sometimes you need three matching beads for a necklace, a larger central bead and a pair for the sides, a suite.

Later on I will add pages with finished bead jewelry.  I will be making some single bead chokers with tubular peyote stitch seed beads in complementary colors.

I have so many blue beads that they get their own main page; here are the rest of the rainbow, roughly sorted into pages by color.  Click on the individual colors listed on the right to see each color.

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