Earth Day greens

To purchase beads, decide on your favorite color, which secondary colors you favor, and the size.

We’ll see what’s here to match your request, or maybe make something to suit.  Please remember that handmade beads may have slight irregularities in shape, and pairs may not be exactly the same shape and size.  This handmade touch is part of their appeal.

Each image has a caption, and a photo number visible on mouse over.  Drop me a line to inquire about the availability of any of the beads shown on this site.  Your comments are private, not visible to the world.

Medium:  14 – 18 mm with 2.5 mm hole:  $20.00

Large:  18 – 22 mm with 2.5 or 3.25 mm hole:  $30.00

Earrings:  12 – 15 mm with 2.0 mm hole:  $30.00 a pair

Shipping:  $5.00 (via ground in USA.)

Custom beads are another option.  Have a favorite garment that’s hard to find a match for?  Send me a color image and we’ll see what we can do.

Payment:  For now it’s by old fashioned check or money order.  Down the road we will get fancier.

Treat yourself to the world of color!

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