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the spectrum

I have a fascination with the electromagnetic spectrum.

the electromagnetic spectrum

The rainbow shows a spectrum of light, the piano keyboard a spectrum of audio vibrations.  It’s all the same energy, just vibrating at different speeds.  Artists use color wheels to predict what colors will blend and complement.  Musicians know the same relationships as chords.

Here’s the cover of the BEMI Journal showing the electromagnetic spectrum with inset illustration by the visionary artist Alex Grey, well known for his art depicting the human aura and anatomy.  Brainwaves are way down at the slowest frequency.  Click for a larger view.

Glass is technically not a solid, it is a super-cooled liquid.  I like to think of human brainwaves as super-cooled light.

The BEMI Journal ceased publication years ago, but here is an article on Bioenergy Healing that references it.  See my rainbow stripe beads for my salute to the visible spectrum.

Aura Sun Arts

Welcome to Aura Sun Arts!

Aura Sun Arts

I love color and glass is a chance to play with liquid color in three dimensions.  Each bead is one of a kind, and most have a thick encasing of clear glass that makes them resemble the marbles I collected years ago.  Come explore my world.