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Sawdust is… Jasper!!!

Hello Mo fans!

Well our visiting cat friend Sawdust gets the spotlight this week.  He is the orange and white cat with the sweet face who has been hanging around from time to time.  When the weather took a real cold turn a few weeks back Mr Sawdust became a very regular visitor, stopping by the back porch every morning, sitting on the windowsills, meowing to come in.

When I went outside he would rub up against my ankles and seemed so determined to come in that I became worried and fed him a small bit out on the porch some mornings.  There were a couple families that had moved recently, had he been abandoned?  I finally decided to try a test message and put a red collar on Sawdust with a short message:  HUNGRY: am I a stray?

Oh giggles, he shows up a few days later with a pretty black collar and name tag:  Jasper!

Mr Jasper stops by for a visit

Jasper is a type of semi-precious rock that comes in a variety of browns, quite the appropriate name for him.  The name tag also had a phone number on the back, and a call to Jasper’s family was fun.  Apparently Jasper goes visiting to quite a few neighbor’s houses, and he is just over the back fence from me so we are happy he is not crossing any roads.

My cats are quite relieved to not have this intruder be homeless.  Miss Nimbus has had her run-ins with Jasper, it was he who had her trapped up on the shed roof.  Now when she sees him sitting on the windowsill she jumps up on the inside of the window and smacks the glass with her paws to scare him away.  Cats can be very jealous defending their human from other cats!

I sneak outside and give him the chin scratch anyway, he’s such a nice fellow.

Welcome 2011 from Mo and Nimbus

Nims chasing a Christmas Mouse

The cats had a festive holiday, a dusting of snow, special treats to eat, a little catnip, and Christmas presents!  Here is Miss Nimbus chasing a Christmas Mouse that has a special pull string to make it animated.

One cat carried said mouse upstairs, the double-take when you spot a mouse in your bedroom is entertaining.  In the photo you can just see the gold ribbon on the back of Nim’s collar.  I had super glued several festive streamers on her collar and she promptly pulled all but one of them off.  She then lost her collar outdoors, and I put on a substitute new collar, a soft baby girl pink that complimented her ears.  A white cat with white ears is something to watch.  The vet pointed out to me that when she is interested in something, the blood flow increases and her ears turn a bright pink.

A few days later I found her original collar outdoors.  When I held it up to put it back on her, she heard the bell and ran for it.  No self respecting cat would want to wear gold streamers, please let me keep the pink collar!

Mo, Sawdust, and Nimbus

Here they are hanging out watching Mr Sawdust, who had been showing off his tree climbing skills.   Sawdust even got a pinch of catnip out on the porch, to ring in the new year.

the mo report

Hello Mo fans!

Sawdust and Nims

The cats are settling in to their new home.   Miss Nimbus has been quite interested in vertical exploration.  I have often seen her up on the roof of the garage, and one time she exited that roof along a tree branch, threading her way over to the neighbor’s garage roof, with the pale orange cat in close pursuit.

Let’s dub this pale orange cat Sawdust cat.  It is not as mean a bully as Creamsicle cat, and often comes to watch from a polite distance when I am doing yard work.  Here is a shot of Sawdust cat checking out Nims on the shed roof.

Oh yes, she found her way up onto a new roof, and did not quite know how to get down.  I put the ladder out for her, but she opted instead for a leap into the giant boxwood bush, a seven foot monster I refer to as Senor Mosh Pit, as the only way I can reach to prune the top is to lay a towel on the bush and surf across the top to reach the back corners.

Nims and Senor Mosh Pit

It was near the end of the day when I shot these photos, hence the dusky quality, but the actions were quite entertaining.  Click on the images for a closer view.