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Dear old apple tree, or the snow report

January brought a snow storm and then an ice storm.  The snow was pretty and a rare type of snow that rolls up well into snowballs, so I made a pair of snow cats to decorate the back yard.  They have leaves for eyes and whiskers made from apple twigs.

snowcats chillin


Seattle rarely gets much snow and it doesn’t usually stay around for long.  The snow cats tipped over the next day and seemed destined for a quick melt.


Unfortunately a few days later an ice storm proved too heavy for the ancient mossy apple tree nearby, and it tipped back into the bramble patch, getting a final bit of revenge on the blackberry canes that had been trying to strangle it.

the old apple tree keels over


Mo used to enjoy sitting in the crotch of the apple tree, surveying his domain.  I am now considering sculptural options the apple wood might offer.  Can I save Mo’s catbird seat and make a shallow dish from that slice of the tree?  The next slice down with the main trunk swelling out into three heavy limbs would make a lovely fluted vase or bowl.  The main trunk of the tree could be turned on a lathe or sliced into boards.

I will have to read up more on wood grain and perhaps find answers at Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac.  I don’t have any fancy wood shop tools like Tommy, but with some old fashioned hand chisels and my electric drill and some rough cutting with my chainsaw, I can get crackin’!

Welcome 2011 from Mo and Nimbus

Nims chasing a Christmas Mouse

The cats had a festive holiday, a dusting of snow, special treats to eat, a little catnip, and Christmas presents!  Here is Miss Nimbus chasing a Christmas Mouse that has a special pull string to make it animated.

One cat carried said mouse upstairs, the double-take when you spot a mouse in your bedroom is entertaining.  In the photo you can just see the gold ribbon on the back of Nim’s collar.  I had super glued several festive streamers on her collar and she promptly pulled all but one of them off.  She then lost her collar outdoors, and I put on a substitute new collar, a soft baby girl pink that complimented her ears.  A white cat with white ears is something to watch.  The vet pointed out to me that when she is interested in something, the blood flow increases and her ears turn a bright pink.

A few days later I found her original collar outdoors.  When I held it up to put it back on her, she heard the bell and ran for it.  No self respecting cat would want to wear gold streamers, please let me keep the pink collar!

Mo, Sawdust, and Nimbus

Here they are hanging out watching Mr Sawdust, who had been showing off his tree climbing skills.   Sawdust even got a pinch of catnip out on the porch, to ring in the new year.

Christmas 2010

Are you having a White Christmas in your neck of the woods?

Snowfall at the homestead

This snow fell in Seattle back around Thanksgiving, and the snowflakes caught in the light of the flash inspired me to make a black and white necklace.

The two smaller beads on the table will be earrings to match.  The three hand made beads are black and white with traces of gold and blue sparkles.  The necklace is 17 inches long.  Click on the image for a closer view.

Wishing all a tranquil season of peace on earth.

Classic black and white, earrings to follow

Snow for Thanksgiving

Hello Mo fans!

snow camouflage

We had a nice dusting of snow for Thanksgiving, so pretty watching it fall and transform the landscape.  This was likely the first time Miss Nimbus had seen snow, and I saw her shaking her paws.  With her white coat it turned her into the camouflage kitty.

After a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with family, I was home on the sofa watching TV with a furry fake leopard throw blanket on my lap.  Mo came by to purr and be petted on the lap.  Soon it was the turn for Nims, who was being extra affectionate.  After walking along the back of the sofa purring and rubbing up against my head, she settled in for some lap time herself.  Hah, Mr Mo, who is now on the floor, gets jealous and stands up on his back legs to swat her twice, trying to shoo her away.  I made him desist, but he came back a little later, noting my now reclining pose, he took the shoulder spot, and there I was, with a blanket and two cats keeping me toasty.  A festival of felines, a pile of purrieness.  Snow always makes me thankful to be warm.

snow falling softly