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Welcome 2011 from Mo and Nimbus

Nims chasing a Christmas Mouse

The cats had a festive holiday, a dusting of snow, special treats to eat, a little catnip, and Christmas presents!  Here is Miss Nimbus chasing a Christmas Mouse that has a special pull string to make it animated.

One cat carried said mouse upstairs, the double-take when you spot a mouse in your bedroom is entertaining.  In the photo you can just see the gold ribbon on the back of Nim’s collar.  I had super glued several festive streamers on her collar and she promptly pulled all but one of them off.  She then lost her collar outdoors, and I put on a substitute new collar, a soft baby girl pink that complimented her ears.  A white cat with white ears is something to watch.  The vet pointed out to me that when she is interested in something, the blood flow increases and her ears turn a bright pink.

A few days later I found her original collar outdoors.  When I held it up to put it back on her, she heard the bell and ran for it.  No self respecting cat would want to wear gold streamers, please let me keep the pink collar!

Mo, Sawdust, and Nimbus

Here they are hanging out watching Mr Sawdust, who had been showing off his tree climbing skills.   Sawdust even got a pinch of catnip out on the porch, to ring in the new year.

Aura Sun Arts

Welcome to Aura Sun Arts!

Aura Sun Arts

I love color and glass is a chance to play with liquid color in three dimensions.  Each bead is one of a kind, and most have a thick encasing of clear glass that makes them resemble the marbles I collected years ago.  Come explore my world.