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Antique quilts

Persian fan antique quilt


Quilts have always been an interest of mine, as I grew up with quilts from my grandmother and great grandmother gracing my bedrooms.

Recently I received an antique quilt as a family heirloom.  It might be called a Persian Plate pattern; one version has a central circle with radiating fan of smaller strips.  The quilt show here has squares made of quarter circles.


I am hoping to make a similar quilt with some of the fabrics I have collected.  I have some dark maroons and gray and navy from my father’s ties and a baby blue fabric that can form the center circles with a tan background for the balance of the blocks.

I added some scraps of antique kimono silk and some other silk ties along with a dress and shirt of mine to also fit into the color range.

quilt fabric





A simpler project for a first quilt might be to assemble these antique quilt squares into a top.  I need a bit of complementary fabrics to fill out the balance of the top and a bit more for some edging border.  Mo approves of the layout already!

antique quilt squares laid out for a look