Blue oceans

oceanic blues

big blue

The many colors of water are so thrilling, from the deepest cobalt to the turquoise of a sunny beach.   Blue is such a favorite that they get their own special category.  Wisps of blue adventurine and gold adventurine add delicate sparkles, and the bubbles complete your undersea adventure.  A favorite color!

tropical and deepwater blues

Click on the photos to see more of this color.

Here’s another recent group with an opaque seafoam green base that have layers of translucent blues, glitter, and bubbles.  The thin tendrils of color are from glass cane called filigrana.

seafoam blues

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  • By Patty T, July 9, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

    I Love all your beads but want to purchase some sea foam for myself and wear them on large hoops!( I bought some for friend a few weeks back.)
    Beautiful! Love that sea foam! Love our oceans. And I love the deep oceanic blues too!

    Your work is wonderful!

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