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the Mo report 2013

Hello Mo fans!

It was a good year for Mr Mo and Miss Nimbus.  Mo was a December kitten, born unusually late in the year, and I sang him Christmas carols on the way home in the car so he would not be scared.  He snuggled right up to my neck to stay warm and has continued this practice for the nine years of companionship we have enjoyed thus far.

double cat snooze

double cat snooze

Here they are napping in peaceful togetherness.  They do sometimes get a bit feisty, usually with Mr Mo going on the offensive and chasing the temptress Miss Nimbus hither and yon.  They have been well behaved with this year’s Christmas tree,  a small table top version that is quite cute.

Miss Nimbus will celebrate five years with us this summer; they are both delights.

I have installed a stone circle on the porch to keep the magic alive until the summer sun returns.  Hooray for the solstice!

stone fairy circle

stone fairy circle

Christmas 2010

Are you having a White Christmas in your neck of the woods?

Snowfall at the homestead

This snow fell in Seattle back around Thanksgiving, and the snowflakes caught in the light of the flash inspired me to make a black and white necklace.

The two smaller beads on the table will be earrings to match.  The three hand made beads are black and white with traces of gold and blue sparkles.  The necklace is 17 inches long.  Click on the image for a closer view.

Wishing all a tranquil season of peace on earth.

Classic black and white, earrings to follow