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Rainy season returns

The lawn goes from a flattened straw yellow to a perky deep green with just a few weeks of rain.  It is now nearly tall enough to mow again, after the standard long stretch of dormancy.  The sunny days of lounging on the porch are over.

summer rocked

summer rocked

The dustbath season for the cats ended with the rains and they welcomed the heat coming on indoors.  Mo roasts himself by lying atop the heat vent while it is blasting out hot air.

roasted cat toes

roasted cat toes







Here is Mr Mo surveying the garden, supervising a final barbeque of the summer.

lord of the garden

lord of the garden

September ending

Summer has continued through September in Seattle with hardly any rain, which we badly need.  The warm weather allows me to continue beading.  The shorter days mean that if it gets dark while I am at the torch, an assortment of insects such as those giant crane flies might get in and buzz around me.  If they are drawn to the flame they are toast.

red white and blue


Here are a couple new rows of handmade beads:  The ever popular red and black, colors that are just made for each other.  Of course they have tiny hints of gold.  Click on the photo for a closer view.

The dark blue beads were made on 9-11, the 11th anniversary of the attacks on our country.  They have a black core, layered with translucent red which is nearly invisible against the black.  Above that float specks of blue and periwinkle, with hints of white or white specks of sand and clear encasing.  They are a subtle red, white and blue but the colors themselves can represent mourning, fire, police, firemen, lost souls.  With hints of green and purple the sorrow is the color of a bruise.


A mourning cloak butterfly stopped by, a rich deep brown with yellow accents.

mourning cloak


Mr Mo stopped to check out another project in the works.

what's that Mo?